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Las Palmas in Gran Canaria is the largest carnival in the Canary Islands see also hotels Grand Canaria. Takes place in February.
Las Palmas in Gran Canaria carnival

Las Palmas in Gran Canaria hosts the largest carnival in the Canary Islands ; but it also attracts competitors and spectators from all over the world. Acrobatics, dancing, concerts and competitions take place everywhere.

The carnival kicks off with lots of street parties, known as verbenas del mogollon, in which thousands of people in fancy dress dance to salsa and merengue music around the street stalls until dawn.

In Parque Santa Catalina, a huge stage is erected, where open air concerts take place

A noteworthy event is the spectacular Drag Queen contest. Each year, the contest takes a different theme and the costumes become more outrageous as the competition gets increasingly fierce.

Las Palmas in Gran Canaria carnival

Body painting has also become a carnival tradition, and there has been a wild body make-up competition going here since 2000.

Burying the Sardine
The ritual ending of the carnival is done by carrying a gigantic sardine from Parque San Telmo to Las Canteras beach and burning it. Thousands of people follow the route and cheer the bonfire


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