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The carnival in Cadiz see also hotels in Cadiz. Takes place in February.
Carnival in cadiz

Cadiz is usually a quiet and serene city on the Andalucian coast... except when it plays host to Spain 's ultimate party.

Black-clad abuelas (grandmothers) hang garlands across the tiny, twisting alleys, and street vendors set up their displays of toys and fruit just an hour or two before the throngs descend. Stages are set up in every plaza for musical acts, comedians and children's performances.

During the 11 -day street party, revellers wear fancy dress and go out onto the streets to celebrate the start of Lent. Local groups of funny fellows make up figurines and satirical ditties lampooning celebrities and politicians in a parade that sends the city into a state of frenzy

Carnival in cadiz at night time

Falla Contest
The Falla Contest is a music festival held in the Gran Teatro Falla before the carnival itself and, to a certain extent, it is a relatively serious competition, with the show televised across Spain . The most popular type of group performing for this is the chirigotas, choirs of ten singers, accompanied by instruments, such as bombo and caja drums and guitars.

Many visitors head to Caleta beach for more merriment, or walk through the La Viha fishing district and the Santa Maria district – long considered to be the home of flamenco music.

Sound Spectacle

Rock concerts featuring some of Spain 's most popular groups take place in the Plaza de Catedral. Another treat is the daily la toronda ,(the thunder), a massive, eardr4m-shattering of firecrackers that takes place in the Plaza San Juan de Dias.

For those seeking more conventional pleasure, the carnival roster includes lots of processions where confetti or candy is thrown from floats, dancing children decorated in costumes and beauty pageants. And, in the Parque Genrives, there are plenty of rickety carnival rides to keep children entertained.

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